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Hail Guards / Anti Hail Nets

Anti hail net or hail guards nets are used for hail protections for orchids and gardens.  Hail Guard Nets are made from highly UV stabilised HDPE monofilament materials. Hail Guard netting protects your crops from hail damage, leading a higher yield and quality of crops throughout the year.  

Hail guard netting is also useful as scaffold netting, bird protection in buildings and shade cloth where low shade is required but UV protection is important

The hail guard nets small hole size protects against big insects, birds and bats while still allowing plenty of sunlight and fresh air through for the plants.  The netting is also effective as a light wind filter

Our hail guard netting is tough, rip resistant and UV stabilized. It’s lasts for years and helps lower incidence of wind rub or sunburn and increases the effectiveness of chemical sprayings in orchards

Application of Hail Guard Netting:

  •          Crop Covers
  •          Nurseries
  •          Orchard Protection
  •          Vineyard Protection


Additional Features

  •          Wind Protection
  •          Bird and insect protection
  •          Less sunburn
  •          Thermal effect
  •          Provided shade
  •          Less water needed

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