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Taylor Built Goat Shelter

Leading goat farmers throughout New Zealand are discovering the advantages of utilizing modern Taylor Built greenhouse heat retention technology for their goat stock shelter. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune when inexpensive plastic film goat shelter can do a better job than a traditional barn. 

Harford’s designs and engineering excellence have proven they will withstand high winds by repeatedly coming unscathed through the worst of New Zealand’s storms and cyclones.


Goat Standoff Options:

  • Size: Spans of 6, 7 and 9 metres and single or multi bay design means you can build shelters to any size you need, on any site.
  • Truss Profile: Hooped top with straight sides allow maximum floor area while rolled batten gutters single skin tensioning or roof areas easy.
  • Feed Span: The middle 5 metre span is kept clear for feed whereas the two sides spans are used to house the goats.
  • Side Covers: Full side covering is recommended to prevent from cold wind entering the shelter - although partial covering is also available.
  • Timber or corrugated iron can be used to cover the sides.
  • Please consult our engineers for the most suitable option for you.


  • A dry, clean and healthy living environment for goats.
  • Save your goats from rain, wind & snow to avoid illness.
  • Easier and cheaper to build/repair.
  • Easier feed management.
  • Easier manure collection and waste management.

Optional Extras: 

  • Thermal or shade screens.
  • Roof Vents with control.
  • Roll up sides.
  • Ventilation Systems

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