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A cost effective alternative in plastic covered hoop structures, developed from the Harford Budget Span Greenhouse.

This model removes the crop support option to give a clear 7 meters span.

The Harford Crop Topper Greenhouse has been engineered so that the strength is in the heavy duty posts, allowing a post height of up to 2.1 meters ideal for fitting windbreak or shade cloth to the sides.

The center of the Harford Crop Topper Greenhouse rises up to an impressive 3.8 meters giving plenty of air over your valuable crop.

Harford Greenhouses patented unique modular system allows the bay to grow length-ways in multiples of 3 meters and width-ways in 7 meters spans.

Harford Crop Topper Greenhouses are fabricated from galvanized high tensile steel with the one-piece hoop design offering superior strength.

Harford Greenhouses only use premier covering materials 200 micron thick, wide one-piece rolls and AVA polymers to ensure long life and the best growing conditions.

Erecting the Harford Crop Topper Greenhouse is easy!

Harford Greenhouses patented sleeve connection means simple on site construction saving time and money. Professional trained teams are also available to arrange a fast, precise, low cost service.

Harford Crop Topper Greenhouse Features & Specifications



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