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The Harford Maxi Spans Greenhouse proven design with a 27°steep pitch, fully trussed, roof and leg heights of up to 3.5 meters, large galvanized walk-in gutters, ensure a bigger crop area with better air circulation for dense foliage.

Minimal condensation drip and exceptional water drainage reducing possible leaks and offering ease of servicing even when a crop is planted.

Choose your crops ventilation needs from the huge 1.75 to 3.5 meter wide roof mounted gull-wing ridge vents. Single, double, manual or automated.

The grower has less risk of disease, lower humidity and better all round ventilation.

The Harford Maxi Span Greenhouse is engineered for crop loading of 15 Kg per M² as standard. This means no extra posts and therefore reduced costs.

The CAD designed structure can easily be set for snow loading conditions and university testing has proven it to withstand wind speeds of 40 meters per second.

The Harford Maxi Span Greenhouse design has been well proven in a wide range of climates from tropical to alpine.

The unique modular design patented by Harford's ensures simple and fast construction on site without the need for scaffolding or cranes and offers limitless expansion when required.

The Harford Maxi Spans Greenhouse steel frames are fully galvanized and can also be fully coated in white powder coat to offer a smart appearance and give extended cover life.

The interior framework is designed to offer maximum light levels to your crop. Premium quality high technology covers reduce heat loss by half over traditional coverings, at the same time offering superior anti condensation benefits.

Covers are held in place by Harford's Cliplock© System two piece reusable fastening system, which enables replacement quickly and saves money. 

Harford Maxi Span Greenhouse Features & Specifications

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