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Harford Propagator Greenhouse range is the perfect design for nurseries, commercial growers requiring an area to propagate, vineyards and smallholding.

Built to the same design excellence as the larger Harford Maxi Span Greenhouse and Harford Super Maxi Greenhouse with CAD structures that are rated to withstand winds up to 40 meters per second. It is available in standard sizes from (6 meters x 9 meters) to a large (6 meters  x 15 meters).

A manually operated, single side, full length gull wing, vent offering maximum ventilation, is standard on the Harford Propagator Greenhouse.

Access is via a standard 2.1 meters double sliding door. Harford Greenhouses unique modular design means the Harford Propagator can be built on-site, without the need for scaffolding and cranes, to any length in multiples of three meters  and either 6 meters or 9 meters  wide.

Future expansion is easy, start small and expand your Propagator as your business grows.

Fully engineered to provide crop support of up to 15 kilograms per square meters as standard, with snow loading as an option while at the same time minimizing the framework to ensure the maximum light gets to your crop.  

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