Greenhouses | Supermaxi Span Greenhouse

When Harford Greenhouses introduced a clear span 12.5 meter ridge vented plastic skinned greenhouse to the commercial growers it had major effect on the whole farming industry.

The large truss combined with columns of up to 4 meters gave equivalent growing conditions to a traditional Venlo design of over 5 meters without the associated heat loss.

Ingenious design using unique sleeve jointing systems patented by Harford Greenhouses to ensure a top quality structure built to exacting standards at a very realistic price.

The Harford Super Maxi Span Greenhouse is computer analysed to provide full crop loading and at the same time resistance to wind loads of up to 54 meters per second.

Our engineers point out that it is in fact stronger than our well-proven Maxi Span greenhouse design.

With cable fixed crop support wires, as standard, the Super Maxi Greenhouse is engineered for 15 kilograms per square meter and can also be easily modified for snow loading conditions when required.

The Harford Super Maxi Span Greenhouse is easy and quick to build, the strength of a fully welded connection is combined with single sleeve joint systems to give a simple on site assembly without the need for expensive scaffolding or cranes.

Tomato, Capsicum and Cucumber growers will find that they can easily fit over 16 rows of crop per span giving effective use of greenhouse space.

While at the same time the height of the Super Maxi Span Greenhouse offers ease of layering and crop management.

Flower growers and Nurseries will find that the larger span and height provides more efficient space for benching and automatic watering and gives a manageable buffer zone above the crop. 

The trusses are fabricated in galvanised steel and can be powder coated to prolong cover life.

Another benefit of the truss design is the ability to use it for support when maintaining the vents and covers, even when a full crop is planted.

Greenhouse covers are the latest technology twin-skin plastics, 200 micron on the outside and 150 micron inside, featuring UV stabilised polymers, EVA Infra-Red heat retention and anti condensation drip protection ensuring the best environment for your crop. 

Guaranteed as standard for four growing seasons in the Southern Hemisphere and fixed with Harford Greenhouses Cliplock© System to provide long life and a cost saving recover when required. 

Harford Super Maxi Span Greenhouse Features & Specifications