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Industrial Mesh

We supply a variety of polypropylene and polyethylene nets for a wide range of uses including temporary fencing, propolis collection in the bee industry, marine farm mesh, cheese straining sieve, pool fencing, privacy screens, safety nettings & enclosures. 


  • Breathable, durable and strong.
  • Withstand tough outdoor use even in the most extreme conditions.
  • A wide range in different sizes to choose from. 


  • Oyster Mesh - typically used as a support on which oysters can spawn.
  • Trellis - extruded mesh for use as trellis.
  • Drum Net - extruded net to protect labelling on drums.
  • Golf Net- knotless netting for golf and sporting enclosures.
  • Sports Net - knitted & knotless nets for use in a wide range of sports.
  • Stock Guard Mesh- extruded netting in tube form to protect newly planted trees from pests such as rabbits or possums. Also effective against stock (such as grazing sheep ) when used with ground staples and steel Y posts.

Insect Screens

Phiferglass screening is made of vinyl-coated fiberglass yarn. It is strong, long lasting and is not easily damaged. Widely used in good quality door and window screen.



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Industrial Mesh

Industrial Netting

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