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Taylor Built shade sails are custom made from the world’s finest quality material to exacting standards. 

We promise to keep you covered from NZ's harsh weather conditions and look great for years to come. 

Supashade Plus is a premium grade shade cloth that provides up to 95% cover. It is a simple, cheaper but excellent protection from suns harmful Ultra Violet rays causing skin cancer. 

The Knitted fabric structure allows airflow through the fabric creating a cooler and comfortable shade environment. 

Other waterproof options are also available with Top Tarp Ripstop material. It also comes with different color options. It can be either sewn or plastic welded 

Measuring & Fabrication

Our Shade sails are custom made shade sails are measured on site. At measuring point the fixed structure or posts to which the shade sail will be installed must be in place to get accurate measurements for fabrication. 

These measurements are then forwarded to our fabrication unit where they are then cut and sewn using the selected fabric. All stitching is performed using long life UV threads. 

Our shade sails are manufactured with seatbelt webbing stitched into its perimeter. Each reinforced corner is triple stitched with stainless steel D rings. Once the shade sail is ready it is then take to the site for installation. 


The rings are then used to fasten the sail by a shackle, turnbuckle or marine grade rope to a fixed point either on a post or a suitable structure. 

They can also be supported by their own columns made of either timber or steel pipe with a variety of common or custom made brackets.   

We recommend steel posts with concrete footing for 100% support.

The perimeter of each sail has a catenary curve designed into it that controls the fabric tension in the center of the sail. Therefore, when tension is placed on the perimeter webbing, the fabric will have uniform tension. 



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