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Animal Shelters

We cover:   

Dairy Cows,    Calf rearing ,    Dairy Goats,   Marine Hatcheries,    Horse arenas,    Traing Runs,    Aviaries,     Ostriches and Emus,    Butterlies, ... and even a Crocodile!

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TBL 10.5 Dairy Shelter

Feed pad covers, loafing pads, animal shelter - all designed for  cow comfort and optimising production.

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We are proud to be a part of the development team and suppliers of over 200 units to HerdHomes® - Typically 60m long, 10.5m wide housing 200 milking cows. 
The perfect roof for all year round cover over your feed pad.


Dairy Goat Sheds

Our structures are used by most of NZ's goat milk producers. Clean lines, warm and dry for optimal production - designed with happy goats - and satisfied farmers -  in mind.


Calf Rearing Sheds

Warm and dry with natural sunlight for maximum calf comfort, increased growth and minimise losses. All of our structures can be adapted - any size, any shape to meet your feeding system requirements. From 5 calves - to 1000 calves - we can supply.

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