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Fasteners and Brackets

I wide range of fasteners and brackets are available for purchase from Taylor Built by Redpath.  We use these items within our building manufacturing range, and offer them to customers directly.  M10, m12 Bolts and Nylock Nuts, washers, Self drilling 10g ,12g Tek Screws for steel or timber, Ground screw anchors and a range of handy small connecting brackets and saddles. Use the enquiry now 

SCRW16S WaferHead Tek 10 x16mm No 2 square drive Heavy Galv.
WaferHead Tek Heavy Galv

WaferHead Tek 10x16mm, Phillips head, Heavy Galvanised $0.30 each

Bolts and nuts. by Redpath
Bolts and Nuts

Flanged bolt & flanged Nylock nut

  • M10x25 (15mm) $1.16

  • M10x75 (15mm) $1.50

  • M12x78(16mm bolt)(18mm nut hex)$2.30

LBracket by Redpath | Palmerston North
L Bracket 60x40x2.5mm

5 hole Galvanised Plate $2.07

WASHERS by Redpath | Palmerston North
  • M10 Galv Bonded EPDM sealing $0.18

  • M10x24x3 Heavy Galv $0.21

  • M12x28x3 Heavy Galv $0.48

Screws by Redpath | Palmerston North
Screw Bit Drivers
  • Bit for Self drilling 12g TekScrews $15.64

  • Bit No 2 Sq, 25mm $5.74

(Screws not included)

corner brackets and screws by Redpath | Palmerston North
Corner brackets & screws only

Includes set of 4 x pre drilled hole brackets +

Self Drilling Timber Tek (12g-11×25 hex Galv) With Neo screws
Note: (picture shows 430mm high bracket) Timber not included

Bracket Height + Number of screws

                             Hex drive bit included

                             $ No             $ Yes

130mm + 16   $52.65      $68.29

280mm + 32   $92.75       $108.39

430mm + 48   $136.15     $151.79

580mm + 64   $149.34     $164.98

730mm + 80   $190.81     $206.45

880mm + 96   $219.77     $235.41

Steel Tek 10gx16 Hex 1000Hr Galv Neo M4.8 P1.5mm dk12.5
Timber or Steel tek Screws
  • Steel 16mm 10g $0.09 each

  • Steel 25mm 10g $0.12 each

  • Steel 35mm 12g $0.36 each

  • Steel 45mm 12g $0.38 each

  • Steel 65mm 12g $0.62 each

  • ​Timber 25mm 12g $0.23 each

  • ​Timber 35mm 12g $0.32 each

  • ​Timber 45mm 12g $0.40 each

  • ​Timber 65mm 12g $0.54 each

Ground Screw anchors by Redpath | Palmerston North
Ground screw anchors
  • 1m   x 16 x 130 Helix,Galvanised $45.43

  • 1.4mx 20 ×175 Helix, Galvanised $79.35

Saddles for round pipe by Redpath | Palmerston North
Saddles for round pipe
  • to fit 25nb pipe 2.6mm wall (33.6od) Hot dip galv pipe 36mm length $7.11

  • to fit 50nb pipe 2.3mm wall (60od) Hot dip galv pipe 60mm length $7.93

  • to fit 50nb pipe 2.3mm wall (60od) Hot dip galv pipe 160mm length $29.06

Saddles square by Redpath | Palmerston North
Saddles for square
  • to fit 25.5mm x 25.5mm, 45mm Long, 7 holes $5.42

  • to fit 32.5mm x 32.5mm x 59mm Long 8 holes $9.78

Door, track and wheels

Commercial Door, track & rollers,  Alloy Track Lengths 2.9m or 5.8m and 4 wheel rollers

Use the enquiry now

Commercial door Acrylic Incl Door Track  Rollers
Commercial door Acrylic: Incl Door, Track & Rollers

2.1m H x 2.4m W $1116.22

Commercial door Film clad Incl Door Track   Rollers
Commercial door Film clad: Incl Door,Track & Rollers

2.1m H x 2.4m W $760.60

Door track for 4 wheel roller
Door track for 4 wheel roller
  • 2.9m $47.81

  • 5.8m $69.40

Door Roller incl hanger
Door Roller

(4 wheel type) incl hanger $29.67

Taylor Built by Redpath Greenhouses
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