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Greenhouse Tape, Strap, Sealant & Rope

Batten tape by Redpath | Palmerston North
Batten double-sided foam tape

Batten tape is typically used on singleskin greenhouse and animal shelters where the cladding is to be retained by isolating battens onto the framework. This tape adheres to the batten and also the top surface of the cladding when the batten is placed onto the cladding. Thus when the batten is screwed or nailed in place the batten seals around the screw/nail puncture holes and prevents them from leakage and also side "shear" caused by wind load on the covering.

Batten tape sizes:

  • 25mm x 25m roll $33.35

  • 48mm x 25m roll $63.25

polyguard hotspot tape by Redpath | Palmerston North
Polyguard frame anti-hotspot tape

Polyguard is a self-adhesive white 100% polyester felt tape designed to provide a soft anti-abrasion layer that sits between the greenhouse or animal shelter frames and polythene claddings to help prevent general wear and tear. Polyguard is not isolation tape, It simply works by reducing abrasion and excessive temperatures at the film/frame contact points, to give both extended film life and reduced maintenance of the covering.
A neutral water based adhesive and non-plasticiser polyester gives good compatibility with polythene films. Polyguard is designed to adhere well to steel, aluminium and timber frames and has proven itself to work well with 10s of thousands of meters used throughout NZ, Australia and the pacific for more than 25 years.

Polyguard sizes:

  •   24mm x 50m roll $22.25

  •   30mm x 50m roll $34.00

  •   40mm x 50m roll $44.00

  •   50mm x 50m roll $54.00

  •   65mm x 50m roll $64.00

  • 100mm x 50m roll $79.60

Patchbond by Redpath | Palmerston North
Patchbond Long Life Repair Tape

Taylor Built by Redpath Patchbond is a permanent repair system for flexible membranes such as greenhouse films and animal shelter coverings. Patchbond's aggressive acrylic based adhesive is applied to patch material the same as the membrane about to be repaired. This then is applied to the damaged area on one side or both. Patchbond will adhere readily to the covering and it will resist UV degradation, water, temperature fluctuations well.

Patchbond sizes:

  •   50mm x 25m roll $33.35

  • 150mm x 25m roll $82.80

All Weather Repair Tape by Redpath | Palmerston North
All Weather Repair Tape

Taylor Built by Redpath all weather tape is a clear self-adhesive tape for the simple and quick patching of small tears or holes that can occur in greenhouse covers and animal protection claddings. UV stabilised and inconspicuous when applied and cost effective. Often used for repairs to other materials such as joining flooring films, and small glass crack repairs.
Typically last 12-18 months in application, - if a longer life more permanent repair is needed then Redpath recommend the "patch-bond" repair tape system. Patching tape for minor repairs & maintenance

All weather tape sizes:

  • 48mm x 25m roll $16.91

  • 96mm x 25m roll $33.35

Gorilla Solvent SILICONESOLVENT by Redpath | Palmerston North
Gutter solvent cleaner

Gorilla Gutter Solvent industrial grade cleaner dissolves grease and dirt and fast evaporation.
With a clean rag, wipe the solution across the top and underside surface end of the gutter.

  • 1 litre bottle $33.58

gutter sealant SILICONEGREY by Redpath | Palmerston North
Gutter silicone sealant

Taylor Built by Redpath sealant (used for the overlapping Taylor Built by Redpath gutter design), or general sealant use. Supplied in applicator tubes to fit a standard Caulking Gun.

  • Grey, 300ml cartridge $22.89 (Caulking Gun not supplied)

gutter liner by Redpath | Palmerston North
Gutter lining
  • 600mm wide x 100m roll. $257.60

polybelt webbing strap by Redpath | Palmerston North
Polybelt webbing strap

White polyester fabric

  • 25mm x 50m roll $69.00

  • 38mm x 50m roll $88.00

POLR8100 Roof retaining rope by Redpath | Palmerston North
Roof retaining rope

White round Polyester Rope. 8mm x 16 strand

  • 100m roll, on spool $98.95

TAPEAL25   aluminium foil tape by Redpath | Palmerston North
Foil tape to seal top edges of Polycarbonate
  • 40mm x 25m $15.09

Taylor Built by Redpath Greenhouses
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