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Cloche system

Taylor Built by Redpath manufacture these bespoke high tensile steel cloche frame hoops and their integral wire clip retainer at our factory in New Zealand.
The design was invented some 40+ years ago and has been well proven to offer a practical and cost-effective crop cover system for Cropping farmers, Market gardeners, Lifestyle block holders and Home gardeners alike. Taylor Built by Redpath  Cloche are used for protection of crops on the shoulder of the growing seasons or for pest protection year-round.
The hoops are made using a “cold roll forming” process which creates their unique cross-section shape. The shape gives the hoops both strength and stability and the shape also create’s an integrated groove across the hoop which is utilised for the retaining wire to rest into and help secure the cladding.
The Taylor Built by Redpath cloche system are made to last with quality galvanizing allowing customers to re-use this hoop system over and over in their fields for many years giving a highly cost-effective low tunnel crop protection. The Taylor Built by Redpath cloche hoop design is highly adaptable and almost any type of polythene or breathable flexible fabric cladding may be used.
Each frame hoop includes a “wrap-over” wire retainer clip that pulls tightly down over each hoop. The wrap-over wire includes a built-in ‘pigtail’ spring clip at their ends which is secured into a pre-punched hole in the frame that is located near to ground level. The cladding can then be slid up or down on the sides of each hoop for ventilation if required.
The cloche frames are supplied in six commercial size options (the sizes below are the “above ground” dimension). The frames/clips are supplied in pack lots of either 25 frames or 10 frames per pack.
There is also a handyperson “Garden pack” which uses the smallest frame size and can be purchased in 4m or 10m tunnel length packs which includes the poly covering. Redpath cloche systems are popular for Strawberry, Sweet Potato, Brassicas, Seasonal flowers, Seedlings and late season protection of a wide variety of vegetables and flower crops in the garden or commercially. 

Frames are packaged and can be purchased as below:

  • Pack lots of 25 frames per pack for Commercial cropping & Market-garden users (in any of the 7 sizes)

  • Pack lots of 10 frame hoops/wires (in any of the 7 sizes)

  • A raised garden planter-box frame kit – 1m wide x 515mm tall in pack lots of 10 hoops/wires

  • Home gardener 600mm wide x 650mm tall in 4m long or 10m long tunnel packs, complete with 110 micron polythene covering

Covering types:
You can use your own coverings or choose from a range of coverings from Taylor Built by Redpath including the Duracloche clear 110 micron cloche film with UV stabiliser, Insulnet knitted Frost netting, Biomesh insect screening, or Shadecloth.  The covering width for each hoop size is shown in the list below.

FRAME SIZES (above ground)

  • 600mm  wide x  650mm (uses a 1.9m wide covering)

  • 800mm  wide x  600mm tall (uses a 1.9m wide covering)

  • 1000mm wide x 550mm tall (uses a 1.9m wide covering)

  • 1000mm wide x 1000mm tall (uses a 2.7m width covering)

  • 1250mm wide x  900mm tall (uses a 2.7m width covering)

  • 1500mm wide x  800mm tall (uses a 2.7m width covering)

Raised garden shape : 1m wide x  515mm tall (uses 1.9m to cover)

Installation guide:
The cloche hoops are simple to install, and you can make up a tunnel to any length to suit your needs, from 4 metres to many 100s of metres long.
The system is designed for semi-sheltered sites and hoops should be spaced to suit your local conditions. On well sheltered sites or if you are using lightweight breathable netting your hoop spacing might be up to 3m (9ft) apart. For more exposed locations or if your ground has loose or sandy soils frame spacing might be as close as 1m (3 ft).  At windy locations the end or mid hoops can be “doubled up” and riveted together for extra strength if required.
Push each side of the hoop into the ground down to the depth of the pre-punched hole (approximately 200mm  from the tip)
The frame that is located at the very end of the row is angled “outward” (at approximately a 15 deg angle), – all other central frames along the length of the tunnel are placed verticaly. 
Slide your covering over the frames and pull the cover tight end-to-end. You can bury the ends of the covering or tie it off around a timber peg to hold it taught.
Install the wrap-over spring wire clip over each frame to retain the covering down onto the frame hoops, Press the pigtail spring at the ends of the wire and locate into the pre-punched hole in the hoop at ground level.
Caution Note: Beware of spring action of wire clip, wear eye protection/gloves if unsure or if you have not used the system before.
Email or Call us if unsure of your site needs / suitability.

Covering Length:
Allow for extra covering length for each tunnel so that you can secure the covering at each end. (typically 1.8m/6ft)  You can ventilate the cloche tunnel by sliding the side of the film up or down the sidewalls of the low tunnel system, the wire wrap-over clip will hold the covering in place. (Note: If wind rises it might force the cover to slide back down)

Other Info:
There is typically a manufacturing time of 5-10 work days for dispatching Cloche orders.
We export to all major ports around the world in pallet lots of 20 packs of 25 frames, or in container lots, Email us for an export quote.
Our North American customers can source from our distributer

600mm wide x 650mm height

Includes Frames and Bungee chord

  • Pack of 10


  • Pack of 25


Cloche thumb.jpg
800mm wide x 600mm height

Includes Frames and Wire clips

  • Pack of 10


  • Pack of 25


1m wide x
1m height

Includes Frames and Wire clips

  • Pack of 10


  • Pack of 25


600mm wide x 650mm height

4m length pack

Includes 3x frames, bungee chords + Cloche film 1.9m wide x 6m long

  • $75.00

600mm wide x 650mm height

10m length pack

Includes 6x frames, bungee chords + Cloche film 1.9m wide x 13m long

  • $133.00

1m wide x 550mm height

Includes Frames and Wire clips

  • Pack of 10


  • Pack of 25


1.25m wide x
900mm height

Includes Frames and Wire clips

  • Pack of 10


  • Pack of 25


1.5m wide x
800mm height

Includes Frames and Wire clips

  • Pack of 10


  • Pack of 25


Bungee chord for 600 series cloche, Including hooks

7.5mm thickness 1050mm length

  • each    $5.22

Taylor Built by Redpath Greenhouses
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