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Twinskin equipment 

Twinskin / Doubleskin inflation equipment

Taylor Built by Redpath range of twinskin inflation equipment for doubleskin / double poly greenhouse and agricultural house designs includes a boxed “polyfan2” unit, Individual single and double outlet 240volt blower fans, Air pipe flanges for securing the air transfer pipe, 65mm black ribbed air transfer pipe and our own design of air pressure manometers.

Twinskin blowers and parts:

Polyfan2 enclosed box type, is a moulded box unit with a twin outlet 160cfm blower fan mounted within. The air inlet is controlled by an adjustable valve on the front face and the twin 60mm outlet spigots are sized to suit the flexible black air transfer pipe sized at 65mm. Mount the Polyfan2 in the wall of your greenhouse and connect it to a 240volt single phase power supply.

Individual fans may also be purchased in the form of the single outlet INF90C blower unit or the INF160C twin outlet fan is a 160cfm air flow fan and is supplied with two connector outlets which fit inside the 65mm air transfer pipe.
Note: Always use a qualified electrician to connect and appropriate RCD protection to suit individual application. 

Twinskin air pipe flanges are designed to securely hold the 65mm air transfer pipe in place where it enters the twinskin cladding. These two piece flanges have a locking flange and spigot part, that lock together to form a tight seal and solid connection point for the air pipe where it enters the inner layer of the twinskin. 

Twinskin ribbed pipe 65mm – the ribbed is used to transfer the inflation fan air from the fan unit or in between the various sections of the twinskins covering. The pipe is supplied either per metre or in a 30m length coil.

Taylor Built by Redpath Manometer air pressure gauges are a simple water gauge to measure twinskin air pressures. Instructions are supplied with each gauge. 

Inflation Fan Single Blower
Single outlet twinskin fan

230V Blower only with 1 x cone


Inflation Fan Double Blower
Twinskin inflation Fan IF160

Double/Blower 230V incl Cones


polyfan by Redpath | Palmerston North
Inflation Polyfan2 Unit

IF160 complete with case


Air Pipe Flange
Air Pipe Flange

White two piece pipe cone and locking ring


Air Pipe Flange Blk Pipe
Air Transfer Pipe (Black) 65mm

Per metre $16.68

30m metre coil $484.00

Note: two piece air pipe flange shown in picture not included

Manometer by Redpath | Palmerston North
Manometer U Gauge

6″ Twinskin Inflation pressure Inc’s clear tube,Red Backing plate with ruler


Taylor Built by Redpath Greenhouses
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