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Aluminium batten system

The Taylor Built by Redpath aluminum batten is used to hold down the roof and sidewall flexible cladding onto greenhouses and animal shelters.
The batten can be supplied “bare” or include a closed cell foam adhesive tape applied to its rear for its full length. The foam tape seals around the screws that are used to retain the batten to the rafters and helps prevent the cladding from tearing and or leaking around the screw point.
Screws are placed at approximately 200mm spacings to secure the batten.
Taylor Built by Redpath batten is supplied in 4m lengths (with or without the double-side foam tape fitted)
Screws for drilling into timber or steel rafters can also be supplied.

BAT4 by Redpath | Palmerston North
Batten (Tape not included)

4m length $21.28

RIDB4 by Redpath | Palmerston North
Batten with High shear tape

4m length $49.45

Batten-tape by Redpath | Palmerston North
Batten double-sided foam tape
  • 25mm width x 25m length roll $33.35

  • 48mm width x 25m length roll $63.25

Steel Timber Tek screws by Redpath | Palmerston North
Timber or Steel tek Screws Bags of 100
  • 16mm 10g  Steel $8.63 

  • 25mm 10g  Steel $12.08 Timber $22.89

  • 35mm 12g  Steel $36.00 Timber $32.00

  • 45mm 12g  Steel  $37.67 Timber $39.93

  • 65mm 12g  Steel $62.00 Timber $54.28

Taylor Built by Redpath Greenhouses
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