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V-lock Film Clipping Systems

V-Lock film clipping system:

 V-Lock is used on the Taylor Built by Redpath Mk2 range of domestic tunnelhouses of buildings only, and has been included with these designs since November 2023.

It is a “press-fit ” insert system that is used on the end hoop frames only of the Redpath home tunnelhouses.
The UPVC is white in colour, and supplied in short 60mm lengths. These are a press-fit insert that fit into the Lockstrip corner stud aluminium base that makes up the end hoop frames of the Taylor Built by Redpath tunnelhouses.
V-Lock is a simple and intuitive clip insert that replaces the traditional Lockstrip insert and small black clip system previously used. 

Note: The V-Lock system is not be transferrable to earlier model Taylor Built by Redpath tunnelhouses (earlier than Nov 2023)  without modifications to the doors, fasteners and other parts.
Older models should use the Lockstrip system.

LOC1D60 V Lock by Redpath | Palmerston North
V-Lock singleskin clip only

60mm length $0.39

Taylor Built by Redpath Greenhouses
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