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Polyweave reinforced greenhouse film

Taylor Built by Redpath Polyweave is constructed from a commercial grade of woven UV stabilised polythene translucent “fabric”.  Polyweave is a three layer laminated product with the Centre woven mesh providing a high strength tear resistant.

Polyweave will resist cutting from physical damage or flying debris, but even if it is damaged it is difficult to tear or rip further.

Polyweave is used on Redpaths roll-up-wall side vents, and will often be used for lean-to’s, doors, covering pergolas, or for covering homemade timber framed structures that require a durable and easy to fit cladding.  Polyweave reinforced greenhouse film may be nailed, battened, stapled or strapped in place to the frame. Polyweave may also be sewn or have zippers installed.

Taylor Built by Redpath Lockstrip or Duralock film holding system may also be used.

Polyweave is supplied in two standard widths 2.7m and 4m wide. Polyweave is ‘cut to length’ from these two widths. Increments of 1m, 2m or 5m for longer cut to length rolls.

Contact us for a price.

REMEMBER: The size of your film will need to be slightly larger than the dimensions of your structure!

Polyweave widths available

2.7m width

Length      $Price Inc GST​

  • ....5m $77.63

  • ..10m $155.25

  • ..15m $232.88

  • ..20m $279.45

  • ..25m $349.31

  • ..50m $621.00

  • 100m $1086.75

4m width

Length      $Price Inc GST​

  • ....5m $115.00

  • ..10m $230.00

  • ..15m $310.50

  • ..20m $414.00

  • ..25m $460.00

  • ..50m $805.00

  • 100m $1610.00

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