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Ultrashade white Greenhouse film 200mu

Ultrashade 200 micron white shaded UV stabilised greenhouse film is available in convenient widths to suit your TaylorBuilt, Harford or other brand greenhouses needs.  Ultrashade is a shaded white pigmented co-extruded film specifically designed for nursery, propagation or tropical plants that require permanent shade or heavily diffused light conditions.
Nominal the Ultrashade white has a shade factor of 40-50% - although this might vary dependent on the design of your greenhouse frame, the aspect and surroundings of the greenhouse on your property, or the cleanliness of your covering.

Ultrashade white greenhouse film thickness and the quality of its UV stabiliser provides reliable performance year –after-year. It carries a 4 year pro-rat uv warranty and its 200 micron thickness improves resistance to wear & tear.

Available widths:
8m, 9.2m, 10.5m metre wide – Can be ordered “cut to length”

We suggest you allow a little extra length over and above the greenhouses actual length, so that you have some excess film for holding onto and tensioning the greenhouse plastic when fitting it.
Roll lengths and examples of each width prices are listed below but longer rolls are also available. 

Ultrashade include a 4 year Pro-Rata UV warranty.
Redpath Duralock film holding system (see here)  is used to secure the greenhouse film to the structure.

Any questions – Call us on Free Ph 0800 427 367

8m width

Length      $Price Inc GST​

  • ....5m $186.30

  • ..10m $310.96

  • ..15m $369.84

  • ..20m $493.12

  • ..25m $558.90

  • ..50m $1016.60

  • 100m $2033.20

9.2m width

Length      $Price Inc GST​

  • ....5m $214.25

  • ..10m $357.60

  • ..15m $425.32

  • ..20m $567.09

  • ..25m $642.74

  • ..50m $1169.09

  • 100m $2338.18

10.5m width

Length      $Price Inc GST​

  • ....5m $204.07

  • ..10m $323.61

  • ..15m $485.42

  • ..20m $586.85

  • ..25m $733.56

  • ..50m $1334.29

  • 100m $2668.58

Taylor Built by Redpath Greenhouses
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