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Shadehouse Tunnelhouses

Taylor Built by Redpath aluminium Shadehouses are one of NZ’s most popular and we have supplied many 1000’s to happy home gardeners, lifestylers, schools & institutions nationwide.
Compare the size of our sturdy 32mm square aluminium hoops and four 25mm square purlin rails which give excellent strength and durability. Search Taylor Built by Redpath Greenhouses on YouTube for our latest assembly videos. The main frame and base rails are 100% aluminium with no timber to rot, rust or to taint soils from tanalising.
Our frames include an integrated groove to reliably fasten the covering and easily allow you to use different types of coverings if required. The latest Mk2 design has an simpler and speedier to use “V Lock” cover holding system. Taylor Built by Redpath’s tall 2.3m apex height gives plenty of height for crops and gives increased internal air volume to act as a temperature buffer and frost protector. Our Shadehouses use 30% white shade cloth for the covering which has a 10 year + service life. You can personalise your shadehouse with many optional extras to ensure your shadehouse matches your location and your crop growing needs.
A rear wall door may also be fitted as an option.  A wider 830mm ‘Wheelchair / Wheelbarrow” door is an option at either end. Sidewall or rear wall shelves are an option. You can also add a wind kit upgrade for modest cost if your site is a little more exposed, The wind kit adds extra Sidewall braces, Collar tie cross braces and reinforced hoop feet. A custom sized raised garden are made for the tunnelhouses – lengths are 1.4m, 2.8m and 4.4m. You can add as many gardens as you wish end-to-end to fit longer tunnels, and can also include an optional internal liner to act as a barrier between the stabilised timber and the soil.
Taylor Built by Redpath has been a trusted NZ brand for 45 years, and to compete with a multitude of often low quality imported designs we now sell to you direct.  This ensures you get a great quality product at a great price. We include a NZ factory warranty, and full parts back-up service. To make assembly speedier we deliver the shadehouse to you up to 50% pre-assembled (see images above of a tunnel being collected to show work pre-done)
Taylor Built by Redpath is located in central New Zealand giving us an efficient nationwide delivery service, You can save on freight cost by selecting delivery to your local Mainfreight depot (collection from depot must be within 5 days of arrival)
If selecting delivery to your site you will need two people to unload the delivery vehicle, or a Hiab option can be requested (surcharge applies)
We manufacture to order with an average lead time of 15-20 work days to dispatch (often less).

If you have any questions, please call us on Free Ph 0800 427 367  or use the contact us button below. All prices include GST.  Check with your council if a building permit (if any) is required. (Base securing pegs not included please choose the best securing pegs/posts to suit your ground type and wind exposure)

Compare the standard features included with all Taylor Built by Redpath Shadehouses
* Tall height: 2.3m apex gives superior space for tall vine crops or nursery bench space
* Aluminium base rail: Alloy base rail no timber to rot or steel to rust, (Securing ground pegs not inc)
* Covering: 30% white shade cloth with a 10 year + service life.
* Durable: Main frame rails and hoops are 100% aluminium for maintenance free long life.
* Wall bracing: Aluminium angle sidewall bracing and 4 x 25mm box section purlins for greater strength
* Cover clamping system: Integrated patented clip system to reliably secure the covering
* Sturdy framing: 32mm aluminium box section cold-roll formed to make tunnel hoops
* Sliding door: 630mm wide aluminium framed door with smooth roller bearing wheels & alloy track
* Delivered pre-assembled: Supplied up to 50% pre-assembled
* Warranty: 3 year product warranty, + Free phone assembly support service weekdays
* Instructions manual: Assembly instructions included + video. (see related links below)

Optional Extras: 
* Add an extra single door to rear end wall of your tunnel house 
* Side-wall shelf 300mm deep, Aluminium 3m, 4.5m or 6m lengths for the full or part length of the tunnel
* Staging shelf aluminium 2 tiered 710mm Height or 3 tiered 1000mm height 400mm depth two widths (see price below)
* Wheelchair door-end access version is also available (see price below) 
* Add a wind kit for additional Side bracing, Collar ties and arch reinforcing feet for more exposed sites

white shadehouse by Redpath | Palmerston North
Shadehouse Mk2 model sizes, prices, specs inc gst,
  • 2.36m x 3m      $999.00  Includes base rails, 1xdoor

  • 2.36m x 4.5m   $1199.00 Includes base rails, 1xdoor

  • 2.36m x 6m      $1499.00 Includes base rails, 1xdoor

  • 2.36m x 7.5m   $1749.00 Includes base rails, 1xdoor

  • 2.36m x 9m      $1999.00 Includes base rails, 1xdoor

  • 2.36m x 10.5m $2199.00 Includes base rails, 1xdoor

  • 2.36m x 12m    $2449.00 Includes base rails, 1xdoor

  • 2.36m x 15m    $3490.00 Includes base rails, 1xdoor, extra wind brace kit

  • 2.36m x 18m    $3975.00 Includes base rails, 1xdoor, extra wind brace kit

  • 2.36m x 21m    $4398.00 Includes base rails, 1xdoor, extra wind brace kit

  • 2.36m x 24m    $4890.00 Includes base rails, 1xdoor, extra wind brace kit

Dual open by Redpath | Palmerston North
  • Single wider door upgrade​ $138.00 

Sidewall shelf by Redpath | Palmerston North

 Aluminium 300mm deep

  •    3m $188.10

  • 4.5m $251.90

  •     6m $314.61

high Wind by Redpath | Palmerston North
Wind kit bracing upgrade
  •       3m $118.40

  •    4.5m $137.90

  •       6m $167.00

  •    7.5m $187.90

  •       9m $236.70

  • 10.5m $277.00

  •    12m $334.00

white shadehouse by Redpath | Palmerston North
Rear wall / rear door options
  • Single door $214.00 

  • Single wider door $244.25 

Tunnelhouse 7.5m length by Redpath | Palmerston North
Rear wall shelf

$188.10 (not if rear door chosen)

crop support rail by Redpath | Palmerston North
Crop support rail

Includes rail with polyguard, saddles and screws

  •   3m $48.00         4.5m $63.60

  •   6m $79.25         7.5m $94.90

  •   9m $113.90     10.5m $132.85

  • 12m $151.80        15m $190.70

  • 18m $227.70        21m $265.65

  • 24m $303.60

All Weather Repair Tape by Redpath | Palmerston North
  • 48mm width x 25m length roll $16.91

  • 96mm width x 25m length roll $33.35

Domestic cover pack by Redpath | Palmerston North

All options available

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Taylor Built by Redpath Greenhouses
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