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Permanent  Calf rearing shelters

The Taylor Built by Redpath permanent type calf shelters are fully engineered and designed for long service life.
Built nationwide – Taylor Built by Redpath permanent calf shelters are fully NZ building code compliant with design engineering that utilise strong RHS steel with long-life coatings, 12mm fully bolted 4mm plate connections, and cold rolled ‘walk-through’ wide steel gutters. The gutters are standard on all pole lines (including the exterior walls)
They are offered in spans of 6m, 8m, 9.6m, 10.65m 11.2m, 12.6m, 13m, 14m & 15m spans. All of these spans may be inter-connected with each other to suit a variety of sites and applications and they can include a central drive-thru service or feed-lane as part of the multi-span layout.
These permanent Taylor Built by Redpath designs compete with traditional tin-clad calf shed options yet Taylor Built by Redpath shelters offer superior natural light for a dryer and warmer environment for your calves.
Natural  sunshine and UV light into the building can reduce the incidents of bacteria and disease and provide better hygiene.
You can expect improved calf health, Improved Vitamin D exposure, increased calf weight gain, better resistance to disease, and a reduction in the cost of calf production.

Ventilation can be an important consideration for the calves and Taylor Built by Redpaths ridge mounted rack and pinion roof ventilation system or “roll up blind’ sidewall systems offer superior management of internal temperatures and humidity by creating natural air flow. Ventilation systems can be manual or fully automated.

Taylor Built by Redpath calf shelters are supplied with a factory backed warranty, super long life Duratough 215 micron covering is used which is the same as Taylor Built by Redpath uses on its family of commercial Dairy shelter buildings.
For operations of up to 200 calves the Quick-build calf shed designs can be purchased direct on-line. see this in the related links below.
For larger operations the permanent type calf shelters are quoted individually to you in fully erected on site or kitset form with full engineering and plans.

Taylor Built by Redpath operates 16 construction teams, we manage the building permit application and can help with resource consents if/when they arise.
We then build on your site using local builders that then continue to offer local after sales service. Taylor Built by Redpath have supplied and erected 1000s of these designs throughout our nearly 40 year history. A full set of NZ registered engineers drawings and Producers statement for council building permit processing are included as standard.

Overview & specifications

The Taylor Built by Redpath permanent designs will vary dependent on the size of the operation. The design is available in 6m, 8m, 9.6m, 10.65m, 11.2m 13m, 14m and 15m spans. These may be supplied with a ‘roof only’ type covering or have the side and end walls closed in with simple shade textile.
Another popular option is to fit ‘roll up wall blinds’ along the sidewalls (or to one wall) of the shelter which gives improved control in poor weather.

  • Span widths of different models: 6m, 8m, 9.6m, 10.65m, 11.2m, 12.6, 13m, 14m & 15 metres.

  • Post spacing length ways: 3 metres between posts

  • Height to top edge of gutter: 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m or 4metres

  • Apex height: Up to 6.5 metres

  • Roof Ventilation: Available as an option on pitched roof designs (manual or auto)

  • Roof vent upstand flashings & end weather flashings: Yes included

  • Side ventilation: Roll up sidewall ventilation is an option on all designs

  • Roof cladding: Singleskin clear Duratough 215 micron, or  White shaded Durashade / Duraflex.

  • Wall cladding: Reinforced Polyweave film, or shadecloth sides (option depending)

  • Frame Guard Tape: Fitted to all roof members that touch the plastic

  • Gutter design: Walk-through steel Vee gutter gives easy & safe access to roof line.

  • Doors: Optional extra

  • Footings: Typically 1.25 metre deep x 0.450 diameter (soil type dependent).


  • Roll up side-wall blinds

  • Half-height walls for Calves to walk beneath

  • Doors

  • Automatic roof or side ventilation

  • Side eave hangers

  • Shaded roof cladding

  • Side header rail – for walk-in-walk-out feeding

  • Semi Commercial option also available see here

Taylor Built by Redpath Greenhouses
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