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Quick-build budget calf shelter

Taylor Built by Redpath Quick-build budget calf rearing shelters are a simple and durable solution to providing a warm natural light environment to raise healthy happy calves. We have supplied hundreds of these shelters nationwide to happy customers.

This design is straightforward to build in 6m width. They are typically erected by local fencing contractors, handyman or owners within a few days usually by two persons (depending on the size).
You can purchase the easy-build calf shelters direct from us and this helps keep them cost effective.

They can be ordered in many different lengths up to 48m (longer buildings quoted upon request). The Quick-build shelter uses no concrete for their foundations and instead using ground ‘screw anchors’ which are included with the building and secure the framework to the ground giving owners a straightforward and speedy assembly process.
Taylor Built by Redpath Quick-build budget calf shelters are designed to be erected by the owner, or local fencing contractors etc.

Heavy duty Duratough 215 micron clear vinyl roofing is used for the roof /sides and ends. Duratough is the thickest grade extruded animal shelter film supplied in New Zealand. Duratough has a quality UV stabiliser giving superior long-life performance. Replacement covers are simple to fit and typically cost less than 10% of the building value.

We manufacture these buildings to order with a lead time of around 30 working days for dispatch. They are supplied in kitset form only, are typically built buy owners or local fencing contractors.
The structure does not include design engineering for council, as they are for semi-permanent or non-permanent use only and are unlikely to endanger people or any other building. They use no permanent fixture for their foundation and no concrete. 

The 6m width shelters are supplied with ‘open ends’ You can then select the following options: 

Option 1: Fit a ‘header rail option’  approximately 1.2m above the ground on one side or two sides. Allows the calves to utilise indoor or outdoor yard space.
Option 2: You can fit a ‘roll up wall blind’ on one side or two sides, This improves ventilation of the shelter for the control of temperature and humidity.
Option 3: Select the type of ‘ends’ required. Choose a ‘door end’ or a ‘closed end’. If you choose no ends the ends will be open.
Option 4: Choose a high wind option if you have an exposed site, this includes additional steel arches and ground anchors

Standard Specifications:

  • Width: 6m

  • Arch spacing length ways: 1.5m

  • Sidewall height: 1.6m nominal

  • Apex height: 2.7m nominal

  • Side ventilation: – Available as an option

  • Roof & Wall cladding:  Heavyduty Duratough 215mu included

  • Frame Guard Tape: Polyguard fitted to all roof members that touch the plastic included

  • Doors: Choose “door ends” option below if required

  • Closed ends: Select “closed ends” from the options below. You may have One or two “closed ends”

  • Footings: Screw anchors are included with this building

  • Wind load: Designed for sheltered sites, Higher wind option also available 

  • Installation: No, – Kitset only. Simple to erect, some basic tools & skills required.

  • Warranty: Yes, Taylor Built by Redpath 1 Year manufacturer’s parts warranty applies

  • Engineering: Not included, relocatable design temporary shelter for non-permanent use

These shelters are manufactured to order, and a lead time of 15-20 working days applies.

Up to 48m length, longer lengths also available

Permanent Calf sheds are also available see here

quick build calf by Redpath
6m wide tunnel Singleskin Duratough with 2 x open ends 
  • 9m    $5,391.43

  • 12m    $5,939.18

  • 15m    $6,514.75

  • 18m    $7,095.39

  • 21m    $7,655.78

  • 24m    $8,197.20

  • 27m    $8,780.37

  • 30m    $9,343.29

  • 33m    $9,939.11

  • 36m    $10,484.32

  • 39m    $11,048.51

  • 42m    $11,627.88

  • 45m    $12,221.17

  • 48m    $12,647.47

  • 60m    $14,713.60

  • 81m    $18,639.50

  • 99m    $20,576.60

header rail calf shelter by Redpath
Add header rail option (same length as building)

 Add 1x side

  •  9m    $460.00

  • 12m    $529.00

  • 15m    $598.00

  • 18m    $667.00

  • 21m    $736.00

  • 24m    $805.00

  • 27m    $874.00

  • 30m    $943.00

  • 33m    $1,012.00

  • 36m    $1,081.00

  • 39m    $1,150.00

  • 42m    $1,219.00

  • 45m    $1,288.00

  • 48m    $1,357.00

  • 60m    $1,633.00

  • 81m    $2,116.00

  • 99m    $2,530.00

Add 2x sides

  • 9m    $920.00

  • 12m    $1,058.00

  • 15m    $1,196.00

  • 18m    $1,334.00

  • 21m    $1,472.00

  • 24m    $1,610.00

  • 27m    $1,748.00

  • 30m    $1,886.00

  • 33m    $2,024.00

  • 36m    $2,162.00

  • 39m    $2,300.00

  • 42m    $2,438.00

  • 45m    $2,576.00

  • 48m    $2,714.00

  • 60m    $3,266.00

  • 81m    $4,232.00

  • 99m    $5,060.00

high Wind by Redpath
Hi wind option
  • 9m    $690.00

  • 12m    $862.50

  • 15m    $1,035.00

  • 18m    $1,207.50

  • 21m    $1,380.00

  • 24m    $1,552.50

  • 27m    $1,725.00

  • 30m    $1,897.50

  • 33m    $2,070.00

  • 36m    $2,242.50

  • 39m    $2,386.25

  • 42m    $2,530.00

  • 45m    $2,673.75

  • 48m    $2,817.50

  • 60m    $3,392.50

  • 81m    $4,398.75

  • 99m    $5,261.25

end options closed by Redpath
End options
  • 1x Open 1x Closed end    $379.50

  • 1x Door 1x Closed end    $1,040.75

  • 1x Open 1x Door end    $661.25

  • 2x Door ends    $1,322.50

  • 2x Closed ends    $759.00

POLR8100 Roof retaining rope by Redpath
Roof retaining rope

White round Polyester Rope. 8mm x 16 strand

  • 100m roll, on spool $98.95

Ground Screw anchors by Redpath
Ground screw anchors
  • 1m   x 16 x 130 Helix,Galvanised $45.43

  • 1.4mx 20 ×175 Helix, Galvanised $79.35

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