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“LOK-CLIP” Two-piece clipping system (TaylorBuilt / Harford):

Lok-Clip is a popular two piece greenhouse film and fabric clipping system. It has been used on TaylorBuilt buildings designs and Harford Greenhouse building designs for almost 40 years.  There is a single-groove and twin-groove base type, and there are three insert types of “top cap”inserts that fit into the base to choose from.
The bases are screwed to the building directly through the channel part. The base is supplied in 6m lengths, The top caps are supplied in 3m lengths.

There are three types of Lok-Clip “top cap” inserts:
(1) Aluminium – Used for twinskin covers, and also used for singleskin covers but with the addition of a filler layer (experience required to install)
(2) UPVC green colour – Used for twinskin covers (some experience required)
(3) UPVC white colour – Used for singleskin covers (some experience required)

You can purchase this system complete or all parts including the filler layer material can be purchased separately by using the drop down arrows below.
Note: This two piece system is a conflict fit, (tight) and requires some experience and care when assembling so as not to damage the cladding.
Please see the assembly steps as shown in the link page below.

LOCCLIPBS Aluminium Loc Clip single groove base
Single groove alloy base only

6m length $22.90

LOCCLIPBT Aluminium Loc Clip twin groove base
Twin groove alloy base only

6m length $48.30

LOCCLIPL Long leg Loc Clip white top cap for singleskin
Singleskin longleg white insert only

3m length $10.58

see instructions here

LOCCLIPS Loc clip Shortleg green
Twinskin shortleg green insert only

3m length $11.27

see instructions here

LOCCLIPA LocClip Aluminium
twinskin alloy insert only

3m length $11.39

see instructions here

LOCCLIPAF GH film filler 145mm50m used with LOCCLIPA singleskin
Filler strip when using Alloy Loc-Clip insert with singleskin

145/150mm x 50m roll $ 56.81​

Steel Timber Tek screws
Timber or Steel tek Screws Bags of 100
  • 16mm 10g  Steel $8.63 

  • 25mm 10g  Steel $12.08 Timber $22.89

  • 35mm 12g  Steel $36.00 Timber $32.00

  • 45mm 12g  Steel  $37.67 Timber $39.93

  • 65mm 12g  Steel $62.00 Timber $54.28

Taylor Built by Redpath Greenhouses
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